About My Doctors

My Doctors is much safer and effective as it not only suggests medicine but also ask patient to take precautionary measures that prove very vital role in putting a check on further aggravation of the illness among the patients. It also diagnoses and treats a patient as an individual and don’t recommend generalized solution but give individual treatment to each and every patient by knowing the history of the patient. 

This form of medicine does take longer time to cure some disease but for some diseases like Jaundice, Paralysis due to Infraction, Piles, Fissure in Ano and Deep Vein Thrombosis, it offer fast solutions. This form of system offers permanent solution suggests precautionary measure along with effective medicine proved to be a blessing in disguise and furthermore it has no side effects.

My Doctors is the most effective and safe way of treating diseases that cause great concerns to the patient. Allopathy systems of medicine is more popular in modern times but it shows helplessness to treat some of the chronic diseases for which it has no solution. It is when people turn to alternative therapy - that is combination of two or more systems and that seem to play vital role in curing the disease that is considered as incurable in allopathic terms.


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